2017 Stage 2, Day 8: Everyone is Awesome

Join R2AK co-founders Daniel Evans and Jake Beattie as they  give their combined four cents on the race as of now, which teams will make it and which will make it somewhere else. In keeping with the fact check accuracy R2AK is known for, they completely overlook the big developments in the past 24 hours

1) Both of the Team Fueled on Stokes are retiring from the race
2) Team Global Diving and Salvage have broken their boom in Hecate Strait. They are prepared to salvage a solution- it’s what they do.
3) Team West Coast Wild Ones finished in the wee hours of Monday
4) Team Ketch Me If You Can rolled up in the wee-er hours and said yes to the Buyback. That’s right, we just bought a Nacra 20 for $10,000. Goody.

It’s been a big day in race land, hear about part of it- today’s Daily Fix