2017 Stage 2, Day 22: Everyone for Everyone

Remember DVDs? You’d watch the movie and then there would be all of these bonus features at the end where you could eek out a bit more from your $2.99 rental with behind the scenes looks to offer you greater appreciation for the artistry of “Bikini Cheer Camp” or whatever it was that you watched until Blockbuster died and browsing history became a thing. Like it or not we are at the Bonus Features portion of this year’s R2AK. The movie’s not over,┬áTeam Oaracle is still out there and within striking distance, but we’re at the lingering long goodbye, the horses are saddled and are primed to ride off into the sunset that everyone knows is coming. Credits are standing by…

In today’s Daily Fix we offer the bonus feature, behind the scenes look at what happens dockside when teams roll in during the inconvenient part of the clock- complete with Team Gar, his wife, dark, rain, camaraderie, anticipation, and some implied algebra: Time x Speed = a lot longer in the rain for everyone. Bonus to the Bonus, we speak with the captain and crew of the Grim Sweeper about their ghoulish desire to sweep someone, anyone and their thoughts on what it feels like to live with “Santa Syndrome” and why so many people don’t think they are real.

Bikini Cheer Camp we ain’t, but this is your Daily Fix.