2017 Stage 2, Day 20: Racer round table pt. 1

We’ve never had so many racers at the Ketchikan Yacht Club at the same time. Today’s Daily Fix is part one of two of the roundtable discussion of the six teams  who were willing to sit around with a couple of microphones and tell it like it was. Recorded live at the KYC with an in-studio audience- it’s a lot like Oprah but only for the internet and with burgers you cook yourself. Our some of favorite bits as the teams tell all:
“It’s going well but there’s a world of heartbreak a head of us.”
“I’ve sailed her for 30 years, but we broke her in the race.”
“If you’re excited about days and days of maritime problems solving, this is the race for you.”
“What slows you down is when you’re the slowest.”
Question from the audience: “Would you take the same boat?”
Answers: No, Yes,  Yes with a pedal drive, yes with some modifications. It’s not the perfect boat but I’m old and I want to get older.
“What kind of race do you want? The race for the five and seven day guys is completely different experience than our race.”
Competition, camaraderie, post race analysis from the fleet of the everyman superheroes that finished in the last few days, and if you listen carefully you can hear people getting up for a second run at the burger bar – this Daily Fix has it all.