2017 Stage 2, Day 2: Groundings, grindings, and a creative curve ball

The hour hand’s third and fourth laps around the R2AK have been both eventful and deceptive. Looking at the tracker it might be easy to assume that winds are light, rowing is awful, and Team Heart of Gold won the theoretical people’s choice award for who won’t/should win $10,000. While all of that is technically correct, it’s  not, and the story ends nowhere near there, not even close. Paris Texas/France far. We’ve seen groundings from Teams Pear Shaped Racing and Sistership, near groundings from Teams PT Watercraft and Big Broderna… while the details are rolling in it’s safe to say that no one expected any of this. And we have the audio to prove it.

That’s right, R2AK is about to get its podcast on (and then regret ever saying that out loud.)

Trigger warning: If you were hoping that the next hundred words that appear on your screen would lead to a thousand more, we’re going to need you to be strong. We’re giving our infinite number of monkeys a break and are making the jump from peddling keystrokes to broadcasting the dulcet tones of human voices. Recorded in the fullest spectrum of audio quality, to give you first-person accounts and reflections of the R2AK from the mouths of us, racers themselves, and whoever else wanders in front of the mic.

Welcome to our first episode of The Daily Fix: think of it as an experiment in getting us one step closer to the cure for the common life…or at least a mainline to the point source stories from the R2AK. In our first ever audible walk of the podcast tightrope, Race Boss Daniel Evans talks to Film Boss Zach Carver in a late night R2AK geek out covering the weather, boats, and about Team Pear Shaped Racing early race exit. First person content, internet delivery.

Race to Alaska will commence podcast in 5, 4, 3, 2… (hit the button and we’ll stop counting)