2017 Stage 2, Day 19: Be fashionably late

This race is more than just going fast and heading north, for us the best parts are the nuggets that come out of the experiences along the way. Five teams rolled in the last 24 hours bringing up the portion of the fleet that refused to compromise story accumulation for speed. They rolled in classy with furled sails and at reasonable hours. We like these teams.
The Podcast, the Clips, the writing bits: whatever we do to package the experience those stories that happen out there to the internet-bound masses gets close, but today’s Daily Fix pushes the mic into the onboard world of Team Kelp last three weeks to give you raw, unfiltered R2AK. Kristin and Elena kept an audio diary during their R2AK that showcases a pair of blithe spirits seemingly unfazed by 750 miles of rough going.
Animated chipmunks never giggled so fiercely, hardship never sounded so fun.  This is your Daily Fix.