2017 Stage 2, Day 16: “I woke up with the bow in a waterfall”

Other than science, if we’ve learned anything from astronauts it’s that it is tough returning to a terrestrial existence after you’ve gotten that close to god. Imagine going from a rockstar doing backflips in 0-G and then you return to earth, step back on to the tarmac, and airlock back into a 1-G existence where nobody cares and you have to mow the lawn.

We’ve always wondered what happens to the Argonauts of the R2AK after they return from their low-level internet fame of their 750 mile orbit. How do they cope with re-entry? Two time R2AK veteran Tim Penhallow has apparently parlayed his combined 50 days in the R2AK into a sweet gig as the volunteer co-host of today’s podcast.  Tim joins Race Boss, Daniel Evans as they discuss the progress of the fleet, the mismatch of fragile beach cats and the rocky shores of British Columbia, Team Oaracle’s longest first date, and which teams are at risk for being swept by the Grim Sweeper. They also call Lisa, wife of Ryan from Team Nomadica. She was excited for his finish and ready for him to return to the 1-G world and mow the lawn.  All of that, and Team Freya finishes despite a mountain of obstacles, including the anchor he lost. He still slept, he just drifted. (See Podcast title)

Ground control to Major Tom, eat your protein pills and standby for transmission. This is your Daily Fix.