2017 Stage 2, Day 13: All yacht clubs don’t suck

How was your Friday? Was it the drop dead gorgeous evening with the potluck burger night at the Ketchikan Yacht Club complete with 10pm sunsets, impromptu music jams, and race-end debriefs with all the teams in Ketchikan? Today’s Daily Fix is your invitation inside the best yacht club party we’ve ever attended; and if you’re wo(man) enough for self-delusion, this audio will retroactively transform your Friday night from dinner over the sink to a dockside hootenanny with the best friends you never met.  Low budget Total Recall. Your social life is about to get better, in your mind.
Plus, we sound the depths of Team Adventourists- intrepid Aussies who turned their Wednesday night binge drinking into a bid for R2AK, with a team out of random people, on a boat that had previously sank and killed a guy. They have a habit of globe trotting for adventure, so how does R2AK stack up: “Alaska is not letting you in unless you’ve gone through the hardyards.”  We don’t really know what that means either, but we’re going to assume that last bit was either Australian or they’d started early (it’s Wednesday somewhere…)- either way we liked the sentiment.  Plus, hear about the people along the coast that cheered them along, the hardships, and their habit of 3 course meals. How’s those food replacement wafers tasting Team Heart of Gold?
Bonus: We get at least one person’s name wrong. Think of this as an audible treasure hunt of shame to test your R2AK trivia.
The sun is setting, the grill is on, and there’s a burger and beers waiting for you. Join us for the Daily Fix.