2017 Stage 2, Day 11: World record & boat repair

As teams stream in we’re high-grading the exuberance of the finish line, boiling off the impurities and giving you the most concentrated form of R2AK available without a prescription, and today’s podcast features a finish line earload from Team North 2 Alaska whose team captain entered the race as the capstone of his Senior project (that’s right, for high school), ran home between stages 1 & 2 to cap and gown his graduation, and yesterday became the youngest person to finish the R2AK- he turned 17 in May. The earful? He wants his propers when he comes home. Enough with this “kids in a tin can” garbage.

We also get the firsthand of Team Global Diving and Salvage living up to their name. When the gale caught up to them and snapped their boom in the middle of Hecate Strait they didn’t waver. They genital-ed up, had a snack, made a plan, then fixed it like a shipwrecked MacGyver. Their account is a great story, a primer in underway resiliency, and leaves no doubt that they should be repairing/limping things home worldwide.

Until Team Global breaks it, this is your Daily Fix