2017 Stage 2, Day 10: Piles of finish

As the teams piled up on Day 9’s finish line the crowd grew appreciatively raucous- 6 teams in the last 24 hours, with another five in the day that came before. As each team that piled in, each team piled on to the crowd that welcomed in each team behind them. Building in number and volume until the late night arrival of Roger Mann from Team Discovery, the solo adventurer who pegged the R2AK Epic-meter at 11 in his 2015 record setting run. The crowd thronged to welcome him in this year, but all of the party died to an EF Hutton level ear strain as the soft spoken mountain recounted his trip, the residual momentum of barroom celebrations choked out by the humble pearls that dropped from his mouth about what it is to head to Alaska solo:

“Fear for me is a healer.”

“When you go deep in your head, what you find isn’t always what you expect.”

“I would definitely do it again, but I would do it with a boat with a cabin.”

Join Race Boss, Daniel Evans and the crowd in Ketchikan as they welcome in Roger and have their late night minds collectively blown. Also, Daniel gets a phone call from Team Oaracle who are learning about what happens to down when it gets wet.

While we’d never admit to tampering with the results, the Daily Fix is in.