Team Why Not

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Kethickan

Team name: Team Why Not
Team captain:  John Manning
Total crew: 2
Race vessel: 1960 Cal 20

Bio:  If there is one thing we love here deep in the R2AK command bunker it’s optimism. Our glass is a quarter full, our lemons are lemonade futures, and because we eat it dry our toast always lands on the side we didn’t butter. Like we always say:

“If we had some bacon we could have bacon and eggs if we had some eggs.”

As an answer to “Why?”, “Why not?” has that sort of shrug of the shoulder, inevitable optimism that Race to Alaska was made for. “Why not?” gets you off of the couch, “Why not?” gets you up Everest,  or in this case “Why not?” gets you to overcome what seems like a forgone conclusion: that a 56 year old sailboat with two guys in their sixties might not measure up to the raw speed of a hard charging multihull in an engineless boat race to Alaska. So with all of the hardship and a longshot at the glory, why again would you go? Team Why Not has an eponymous answer.

Team Why Not arrived at their conclusion to that question after a lifetime of similar answers to similar questions. Why not cruise extensively throughout Southeast Alaska? Why not sail from Ketchikan to Mexico? Why not keep going to Hawaii and then back to Alaska? Why not get your captains license, study survival at sea and serve on the Alaska Marine Safety Board? Why not do all of that on progressively smaller and cheaper boats, just to keep the challenge fresh? Why not rip off the motor and do it all the way to Alaska. Why the eff not.

Welcome to the R2AK Team Why Not, we hope your answer is the same after 750 miles of white knuckled “Why?”