Team Turn Point Design

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan
Team name: Team Turn Point Design
Team members: Brandon Davis, Lucas Hurt, Piper Dunlap
Race vessel: 24? Custom Carbon catamaran, designed and built by Turn Point Designs

Webs: Facebook
R2AK cred: They used R2AK-2015 as their shakedown cruise

BIO: When Team Turn Point Design entered the 2015 R2AK their boat was a crowd favorite for the money: sleek, fast, mean looking new carbon fiber design with a pedal drive unit that they invented themselves. This wasn’t a wackadoo homebuild, these guys design and fabricate components for the Americas Cup, they’re legit. Despite their competence and skill, the R2AK Force runs strong in them: they dumpster dove the rolls of pre-preg carbon fiber they used for the hulls. (OK, dumpster is stretch but it was marked down like green meat, Managers Special at the Boeing store because of its expiration date.) They tooled up the shop, leveraged their nights and weekends, and raced to get the boat done in time. Their first test sail was only days before the start.

Their R2AK was a short one, they discovered teething issues of too much rudder strain in high winds and then ran to fight another day within 24 hours of the start of stage two and within sight of the geography that inspired their name. They sailed home, regrouped and set their sights on 2016.Class acts that they are, they even flew to Ketchikan to welcome the winning team.

Their 2016 theory includes a year of teeth cutting test sails and a boost to a crew of three by adding another pillar of PT pride who also got partial credit for last years race: Piper Dunlap from Team Hexagram 59. Their race lasted longer but was plagued by similar design flaws, namely their decision not to rock-proof their boat before bouncing over a reef in the lower part of the course. Several leaky repairs later they bowed out. Bummer.

Turn Point and Hexagram 59 joining forces? Wonder twin powers activate! Form of…a winner!

Hometown heroes combining forces is a solid plan, but like the Turducken (a chicken stuffed, inside of a duck, stuffed inside of a turkey, wrapped in a blanket of yeehaw) Team Turn Point is a mash up, and like all attempts to make the sum of parts equal more than the whole the results can be horrible. Lingerie Football League. Nuff said.

Done well, there’s an alchemy to the fusion of complimentary opposites, and we’re pretty sure these guys are more like than Spicy Cheetos than a donut burger. As motivation and proof of the power of combining, as a gift for their training with their pro-cycling coach who is readying their legs for the 4 knots their pedal drive is capable of, we offer a workout mix of mash-up artist Girl Talk’s best alchemy ever: the album All Night.  We laughed at the concept, but hearing it strikes us that if Ludacris and Ozzy Ozborne sound that good together Team Turn.0 has a legit shot at this thing.

Welcome to back to the R2AK Team Turn Point Design, we’ll let you fight about who gets to wear the gold chains and who has to bite the heads of of the bat.