Team Tritium Racing

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan
Team Name: Team Tritium Racing
Team members: John Sangmeister, Ryan Breymaier, Tripp Burd, and four other guys who are probably amazing too.
Race vessel: some 73? trimaran
R2AK cred: crew member Tripp Burd was a member of the 4th place team in 2015- Team Freeburd
NASCAR-like sponsors:  Sperry, Pieology, Gladstone’s Longbeach, Fisheries Supply, Marlow Ropes, Switlik, and probably some others


BIO: Remember that time when there was that video of a bunch of rowboats trying to get to $10,000 nailed to an Alaskan tree? Remember when the R2AK was full of unknown possibility? When the race course was 750 miles of question marks and no one knew and anything could happen? Say hello to Tritium Racing: shit hot boat, shit hot crew, and very possibly the conclusion to whatever questions might be lingering: 73? racing trimaran filled with with an all star sailors. Gulp.

David meets Goliath, Bambi meets Godzilla, Death Star meets the Ewoks.

Few analogies get capture the mismatch of the sheer speed and power of this boat in the same race as a guy on a paddle board, but we think Billy Madison gets close:


The boat is a force: It rips along at 30 knots- to be safe they’re giving themselves 4 days to get to the Port Townsend starting line…from LA. Our crappy mobile command van can barely drive there that fast.

The crew is formidable: An all pro crew of America’s Cuppers, Olympians, world champs, national champs, one of the runners up for the Rolex Sailor of the year, and R2AK veteran Tripp Burdwho was half of the Team Freeburd that finished 4th in R2AK 2015 onboard an Arc-22 beach cat. (Short documentary of their story here)

These boys  mean business. Right after they killed the 2015 Transpacific, making it from LA to Hawaii in just over 3 days and shattered the race record by over a day they set their sights on the R2AK…wait, what was that? That was a different Lending Club sponsored boat? These guys were the ones who finished the run from LA to Hawaii in 5 days in 2013 and almost set the record but missed it by two hours? This is the 73? trimaran and not the 105? one? This one was two whole days slower? Oh, pardon us. We had no idea that this was the B-team…

It’s hard to make fun of these guys (honestly that was all we had: your almost record under a similar boat name was still impressive. Not a lot of ammo there. 5 days to Hawaii? You can’t even drive there that fast.) That much talent on that much hardware- if all goes well TeamTritium Racing is going squash the R2AK like a bug on a 30 knot windscreen.

Even with an engine (and two on the roof) the R2AK Mobile Command might not be faster.

Even with an engine (and two on the roof) the R2AK Mobile Command might not be faster.

We hear the boys in Vegas stopped taking bets on who will win and are making odds on Team Tritium vs the driftwood that took a toll on most of the teams in the first year- just not at 30 knots. All over the world the underdog hoards are at the same time eagerly waiting to see a boat sail that fast and pinning their ghoulish proletarian hopes on the currents of Seymour Narrows, driftwood navy of the BC coast, and Victoria’s particular laws against sailing; all teams have to finish stage one and start stage two from a dock and get in an out of Victoria Harbor under human power alone. If they can survive Victoria’s seaplanes, shipping traffic, and the pitchforks of a peasant uprising then it could be Team Tritium Racing in a grudge match against driftwood for the $10,000 nailed to a tree- a stack of bills that might even buy one of their winches.

Welcome to the R2AK Tritium Racing, all hail the R2AK’s new overlords.