Team Sistership

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Sistership
Team captain: Michelle Boroski
Total crew: 4
Race vessel: F-27


BIO: Race to Alaska attracts both types of people, those looking to win and those whose application is about proving to themselves and to the world that they can. They’re not climbing the mountain because it’s there, but because they want their mountain climb to make a statement. In the choice between competing and making a point, Team Sistership is in this for the win.

Start with their boat. They studied last year’s race and procured the boat that pushed itself to the finish line more than any other- an F-27 Trimaran. What does the F stand for? F-ing fast. They then assembled the team of gritty adventurers whose collective resume starts with professional sailors, firefighters, riggers and sailmakers and wraps up with a few transits: Oceans, Great Lakes, Panama Canal. After an exhaustive search, they recently signed on their fourth crew who had to be qualified, ready to rumble, willing to poop in a bucket, and had to be a badass and over 50, just like the rest of them.

Oh, and by the way, this team is all women, just like a little more than half of the world’s population and a little less than 3% of CEOs, 19% of congress, and 100% of people who grew and then pushed small humans out of their vajayjays in an effort of labor that makes mothers proud and men cringe.

Despite a solid monopoly on motherhood, players in the WNBA, and the in-studio audience for “The View”, women tend to be a less than prominent part of adventure races. R2AK is no exception, until now. Last year a few women entered. Team Sistership is the first all female crew to step up to the plate.

(Helen Reddy or Katy Perry- choose your reference)

Welcome to the R2AK Team Sistership. Call us trendsetters, but despite the fact that in the US women still earn only 79% of their male counterparts, we stand ready to give you 100% of whatever prize you snag.