Team Onism

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Onism
Team members: Katy Stewart, Jenny Goff, Emily Silgard
Race vessel: 22? custom foiling trimaran
Webs: on Facebook
Team Sponsor: Global Diving and Salvage

Bio: From our extensive research of reading their application, we’ve learned that Onism is the awareness of how little of the world you get to experience, that you have but a single life and you can’t possibly do it all, and that is a bit crazy making. Translation for those who hit puberty with a cell phone in their hand:

Onism = FOMO + YOLO… but on a deeply cosmic level.

From the look of their experiences Onists seem go through life trying to experience as much as possible, like a baby eating its first birthday cake, wildly cramming it everywhere in joyous desperation. Other belief systems might have a different approach- those who believe in reincarnation might be like “Meh, there will be more cake.” Buddhists would try to end the cycle of cake, and the Muslim/Christian mash up of the afterlife might make them try to eat the cake really well so they can have some in heaven; Cake with wings served by virgins. Onists worry about the phrase “You’ll sleep when you’re dead”, keeps them up at night.

Like a well oiled metaphor, the three women of Team Onism are face deep in their cake; R2AK is just the latest in their attempt to do literally everything in their one short life. Being in a constant state of FOMO/YOLO drives a bizarre resume:  Built houses with nothing but a chainsaw and a Toyota, ran away to Mexico by boat (twice), lived in light houses, mastered how to swear in at least 6 languages, licensed captains, surfed as big of waves as they could find, and works for Global Diving and Salvage as the expert as what went wrong in “high pucker” situations at sea.

Hey Jeff my monitor is acting up again. Oh- sorry, you look just like our IT person. My mistake.

Hey, can you look at my monitor? It’s acting up again. Oh- sorry, you look just like our IT person. My mistake.

Amongst their accomplishments is creating the least probable vocation combo: championship powerlifter who is also an IT programmer. She’s writing code to fix our healthcare system and can deadlift over 300 pounds (or in binary, 0b100101111) We didn’t even conceive that a ripped hacker was a possibility but now would like a remake of The Revenge of the Nerds in which the persecuted programmers just buff up and kick everyone’s ass.

They also are using the family boat: a self-designed and home built cruising trimaran- with FOILS. Given their Onism, if the Americas Cup just raced with hover board technology we’re pretty sure they would have bench pressed/programmed up a solution for that too. for fear of missing out on something else that exists.

Welcome to the R2AK Team Onism, don’t miss that really incredible thing as you race north. It’s probably your only chance to see it.