Team MAD Dog Racing

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team MAD Dog Racing
Team captain: Randy Miller
Crew: Ian Andrewes, Colin Dunphy
Race vessel: m32 catamaran

Bio: We’ll admit to being a fair bit intimidated by Team MAD Dog. Not only did we read “Rolex big boat series” and “1st overall” in their application, they were in the same sentence…right before the part about being the only boat in 2015 to finish the full Northern Century and taking first place and line honors in the last Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race.

We averted our eyes and kowtowed lower.

It got worse: their crew are sailmakers, native sons of the PNW, and one of them can claim both Olympic sailing credentials and experience working on Alaskan tugboats. These guys are sailors of accomplishment, mariners of substance, and their more than substantial cred is backed up by a boat that needs oversized dock lines to take the strain of how fast it goes just standing still. Even though they weren’t here we wet ourselves as a sign of submission, just for practice, just in case.

We were walking our soggy pants to the ATM to withdraw the $10,000, cancel the race and give them the prize preemptively, then it hit us: “They decided to sail to Alaska on a beach cat?”


That water is so cold, and the only thing you have between it and you is a net? What does MAD stand for anyway? My Ass Damp? Massively Arrogant Decision? Might Attract Driftwood?

Milk laughed out our nose lunchroom-style as we remembered Murphy’s Corollary to Newton’s Law that if extrapolated correctly confirms there is absolutely a magnetic attraction between driftwood and carbon fiber that is directly related to how far you are from a boatyard, squared by the potential cost of the repair plus the distance to a hospital.

Then we stopped laughing, put on our somber face and lit a candle for their safe passage.

Peace be with you Team MAD Dog Racing, welcome to the R2AK.