Team A Pirate Looks At 30

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan
Team name: Team A Pirate Looks at 30
Team members: Marilyn Cassedy, Paul Cassedy, Andrew Famisaran
Race vessel: Etchells 22
R2AK cred: Their Etchells sucessfully completed the R2AK in 2015 as part of Team Grin (2015 race bio here)

BIO: Donny and Marie, John and Joan, David and Amy, Marylin and Paul. By our count the Osmond/Cusack/Sedaris standard of brother and sister genre is about to have the Cassedy crew smash through their glass ceiling: this could very well be the first sister and brother team to ever hit the sailing headlines. We met Marilyn during the 2016 R2AK Cali speaking tour and were blown away by her raring to go enthusiasm and whip smart analysis of the situation. She should race, on a boat already at the starting line, with a crew she knew and trusted. In the seven days from “Hello” to application deadline, she found a boat, rallied a crew, and convinced them to sign on to race 750 miles on a boat they had never sailed, in a race they had never run, with a crew who had never gelled.

Goddamn if we don’t love their optimism.

Adventure racers, hard charging sailors, and a sibling relationship that we can only describe as admirable- add a proven boat that’s already crossed the R2AK finish line in 2015 and you have the impressive abstract of Team A Pirate Looks at 30.

Plucked from the SoCal yacht club sailing set Marilyn has been sailing, racing and organizing around the buoy bouts as fleet captain at the California Yacht Club for a couple of seasons, and sailing for way longer than that. The clarion call of Alaska drowned out the advice of her better yacht club angels and she rallied to the starting line two stalwarts who were down to clown and ready to rumble.

Jackson 5, Alman Brothers, the Hilton or Williams sisters. There are plenty of brother teams and sister teams, but from our exhaustively mediocre research there are damned few Sister/Brother collaborations that have amounted to much more than 1950’s beach movies and tepid pop songs. Beach Blanket Bingo was reason enough to kill the meme. Other than being the first speed dial option in her phone, her brother Paul is no slouch. He’s paddled his kayak across the Straits of Magellen, summited California’s 14,000 foot peaks, kite boarded across a significant portion of North Dakota, sailed since he was 5.

Despite his skills and her motivation, based on our experience with siblings we laid odds that they might not make the starting line because of  the  inevitable “He’s touching me/she’s looking out my window” disputes that would inevitably occur during the drive to the starting line from LA

Their parents? Packing them some Go-Gurt and flying to the starting line. Nuf said.

Their crew? Andrew is literally the nice kid from down the block who even as a kid was saint enough to like them equally, and then turned that even keeled pragmatism into a live of adventure surfing, kayaking, free diving, and probably a bunch of other cool things that make you look even cooler in your wetsuit.
Welcome to the R2AK sis bro and nice kid from down the block. It’s a good thing you signed up for this, we’d have given you two for flinching.