Mike’s Kayak

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Mike’s Kayak

Team captain: Mike Higgins

Race vessel: Arluk II kayak

This bio was written by the creative team of Port Townsend High School.

“NEVER AGAIN!” he said, but wait…he’s back! the amazing Mike Higgins, coming to his own back yard, he knows the currents, the breezes, the very shift of the water’s will. This veteran of the Sound just couldn’t stay away for another year. From California to Vietnam Higgins has trumped the world of kayaking, and he’s back with a smaller, faster, and more space-age boat then ever before, to show off his stuff in 2016 R2AK…well at least for a little bit. Luckily for the rest of the teams Mr. Higgins is only running for the first leg of the race, if he were running the whole thing, they might as well kiss that first place pedestal goodbye. With his 18 footer Arluk II kayak this winner will be nothing more then a blue-grey streak of charismatic victory.

Hellooooo Ladies…the GONZO is in…but good luck catching him.