Mad Agnes

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Mad Agnes

Team members: Barton Maupin, Troy Donaldson

Race vessel: White Nacra 5.7, 18’4? of fun. Found behind a barn in Mt. Vernon

Application Excerpts:

  • Washington State Patrol, Trooper
  • Crew of J-120 Time Bandit
  • Race: Van Isle, Oregon Offshore, Swiftsure, Southern Straits, Round the county, Pacific Cup
  • Sailed Port Townsend WA- Fiji South Pacific by way of San Diego, Marquesas Isles, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, Suva Fiji
  • Ski to Sea (lots of times)
  • marathon runner
  • Biked the “Barlow Trail” with family of 5
  • Summit: Rainer, Hood, Jefferson, Shasta, Adams
  • Delivery of the 90’ crabbing vessel “Crabber”
  • Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Father – Twin survivor

Team Mad Agnes leaving the night stick and children at home. Welcome to the R2AK family.