Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team KELP

Team members: Kristin Pederson and Elena Losey

Race vessel: Santana 20

Application Excerpts:

  • BA in English Literature
  • Lasers and 420s on Lake Michigan during a four-week course
  • Googled, “I want to work on a boat.” And started working on the good Schooner Adventuress. As Deckhand Educator, Safety Officer, Medical Officer Relief Engineer (poop pumper)
  • Once made eye contact with a minke whale
  • STCW Basic Safety Training Wilderness EMT/ M-PIC class: those think-on-your-feet life-saving skills that will be useful in the race, yada yada
  • Run the boat rentals at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle for three years, where it’s beautiful and amazing and shit breaks ALL THE TIME
  • Good at MacGyvering and am very proud of it
  • Getting a job in accounting
  • Chaco tan (double-strap!) so epic it lasts year round
  • WINNER of the R2AK 2015 photo contest!
  • Can pickle anything
  • Dive master in Thailand, bumped noses with a whale shark
  • Sailed from SEA to SFO
  • VanIsle 360 2015
  • Haven’t had the flu or common cold in at least a decade, but have had dengue fever in Thailand and swine flu in South Korea
  • USCG captain
  • Hitchhiked on a boat up the cost of Portugal
  • Bought a fucking boat! take some more of our cash. Please.

Team Kelp, medically helpful and medically in need, a perfect combo.  Welcome to the Race to Alaska