“similar in some ways to a multi-hull…. except it isn’t a fast boat”


Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Hodge

Team website: www.h2ak.com

Team member: Rob Hodge

Race vessel: 17? Oozegooze

Sponsor:  SEAFLO

Application Excerpts:

Taught myself to sail on a sunfish in lake sawyer, and helped lead whitewater rafting trips on the Wolf river

Shipfitter/welder at the Vigor marine yard on harbor island and typically work 40-60 hours a week, in 10 hour shifts, usually on about 6 hours of sleep, while attending night school

Currently i’m building the Chimicum, the newest of the olympic-class ferries

At 12 years old I was the youngest person to hold Illinois state’s most advanced certification for severe weather and tornado spotting

Start a mean campfire in less than optimal conditions, and in several ways not involving matches

Motorcycle and small engine mechanic, specializing in two strokes. several dozen long solo road trips on small displacement vintage vespa scooters. Unsuported, on unreliable machinery. The longest covered was 1200-1300 miles in a weekend

Raced old Vespa scooters- Took second In the 2001 season. At speeds up to ninety miles and hour

“Look, I don’t expect to win this. Hell, i’ve never sailed a sloop rig.”

You won’t be making the same speeds as you Vespa, but you’ll be doing it in style.  Welcome to you and your oddball boat to R2AK.