Eagle (take 2)

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Eagle

Team captain: Steve Hiegel

Additional crew: 0

Race vessel:  P&H Sea Kayaks Cetus 176 LV Kayak

This bio was written by the creative team of Port Townsend High School.

Have you ever seen an official certificate of awesomeness? Well neither have we, but we are like 90% sure Steve Heigel has one. The man was literally on a team that got 1st place in the world in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1999 at a surf kayak competition. Surf kayaking…if you don’t know it you should, but you still won’t have this certificate. It looks cool, and participants go through some gnarly stuff, making Steve a worthy contender in the R2AK.

Last year, he got within 3 nautical miles of Victoria, but he tasted defeat after a mighty battle. Man vs water. Water won. After such a soul crushing defeat by mother nature herself, it’s safe to assume he is  back with a determination. Steve will return with his kayak, and use sheer power to brave nature. It’s almost as though he is using the smallest craft possible, just to stick it to nature, and make his triumph even better.

Welcome back into the R2AK fold Eagle.