Bus Bailey

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Bus Bailey

Team members: Colin Masson

Race vessel: 13.5ft handliner rowboat. Built in 1937 by Luoma Brothers on Shack island. Double ended carvel planked

Application Excerpts:

  • Repeat offender: race 2015 R2AK
  • Mostly just a BC coastal boy.
  • don’t need much of an excuse to go and spend time on the water
  • last year’s row in the Bus Bailey to Victoria was the most significant challenge I have accomplished
  • preoccupied with calculating currents, speculating wind and weather conditions and trying to not freak out as scenarios put me rowing over 20 hours
  • good enough shape to go and drink beer.
  • last years 14 hours of rowing, repeated tide rips, swamped and bailing, shredded hands and blistered ass – all come back to me and I am again humbled by the challenge
  • Call me out of my freaking mind ,
  • Same old boat and same but slightly more experienced guy.

Welcome back to R2AK Mr. Freaking Mind.