Foscle Refugees

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Focsle Refugees

Team members: Ben McKee, Dylan Becker, Jeremiah Holt, Tyson Trudel, Ben Sebens

Race vessel:  7 ton gaff cutter – Cornish Trader

Mushroom Snake bite meets Dengue Fever

Application Excerpts:

    • Can hand, reef and steer, Tack, boxhaul, wear or jibe? Yes.
    • went to the Bounty school of Damage Control
    • masters license before drivers license
    • marine tech for NSF on the Nathaniel B Palmer in the Southern Ocean
    • transited Seymour Narrows in a longboat
    • many ocean transits (Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific, and Southern Oceans)
    • 3 out of 4 of us have held (or hold) USCG Masters licenses
    • ran schooners (Sofia Christina and Serina) around the San Juan’s
    • worked on Lady Washington
    • worked on the Hawaiian Chieftain
    • spend our early teen years skipping school and sailing a coronado 15 that leaked
    • owned a boat then trashed it like a rock star trashes a hotel room
    • knows most of at least 5 shanties. All sound better when you are drunk
    • employed for now
    • occasional humanitarian aid worker, heavy equipment operator, rigger, and Burning Man
    • double masters 100 ton Master’s license, Master’s in counseling
    • won over 50 lbs of bacon in rowing races with kids in maritime skills programs.
    • building the largest schooner that can fit in a one car garage
    • retired as the Fleet and Facilities Manager at the Center For Woodenboats
    • halfway through lifetime goal of completing all the projects in the marlinspike sailor
    • bosun and Chief Mate and Captain on Brig Lady Washington
    • have rowed from Olympia to Bainbridge Island in less than 36 hours

Where racing meets stubborn tradition, in a 7 ton boat.  Welcome to R2AK you refugees and always remember, “when you steer, goddamn you steer”.