FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Un-Cruise

Team Captain: Dan Blanchard (CEO, Un-Cruise Adventures www.Un-cruise.com)

Total crew: 3

Vessel: F-25c trimaran

Before the legit intro, we can’t help but indulge in the obvious snark related to a cruise ship company sponsoring a team in an adventure race:

  • Team Un-cruise has a three watch rotation: Sailing, rest, and yoga on the lido deck.
  • Dehydrated food is served buffet style, but drinks are charged to your cabin.
  • Each crewmember is required to give a daily presentation about the natural history of the Inside Passage.
  • Their race plan calls for them to reach Ketchikan in 7 days (6 nights)

Snark aside, in reality their boat is fast, their crew is experienced, and if they can avoid being led astray by pods of bubble-feeding humpbacks, Team Un-Cruise is a legitimate threat for the $10K. From the time he was a Sea Scout, Dan Blanchard has spent a lifetime on the water including plenty of time in Alaska on a pitching deck before he took the helm as CEO. Complementing his own experience is a tight crew of family and friends including his two adult children.

Most important- their secret weapon appears to be an abundance of the sort of can-do overconfidence we appreciate here at R2AK.

Example: their emergency contact is one of their own crew.

These folks know that the only emergency they’ll need to call in is a dire need of a shrimp cocktail refresh on the fantail.

If Captain Stubing and Chuck Norris had a love child- it would be Team Un-Cruise. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: Un-Cruise Adventures is (or at least was until that last bit) one of the R2AK’s primary sponsors. This in no way affects their odds at winning or how we treat them. The ethos of adventure and level playing field of this race is what drives us, and our integrity cannot be bought (although renting it seems an attractively grey area)

Aside from all of that, we are truly stoked to have sponsors so completely into the race that they want to take part in it.