Soggy Beavers

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Soggy Beavers

Team Captain: Graham Henry

Total crew: 6

Race vessel: OC-6 outrigger canoe (modified with a sailing rig)

Sponsors: Western Canoe and Kayaks, Ocean River Sports, Hornby Island Energy Bars, Kokatat

Charities: Take a Hike Foundation


If the R2AK had a fantasy league these guys would go in the first round of the draft. Team Soggy Beavers is a team with records, firsts and generally impressive feats to their resume. Top of the list:

  • Current record for human powered circumnavigation of Vancouver Island- just under 13 days.
  • Completion of a 4000 mile kayak trip from Brazil to Florida- that one took 7 months

On top of all of that they’ve started kayak companies, guided in the BC coast, instructed in outdoors skills- all before any of them have reached the age of 25. With their skills, local knowledge, and the bullet proof confidence of their mid-twenties this team has the complete package. While there is still 750 miles and a passel of teams between them and the $10,000 they are contenders for sure and have already accomplished a few R2AK milestones:

  • Longest boat entered
  • First paddled entry in the R2AK
  • Most egregious double entendre in a team name

Competition is part of the DNA here at R2AK, but this is a family show folks so please just let them have that last one.