Por Favor

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Por Favor

Team Captain: John Denny

Total crew: 3

Race Vessel: Hobie 33

There are thematic similarities that run through the teams who have signed up for the Race to Alaska. Austerity, grit, self-denial, a penchant for cathartic discomfort. Team Por Favor has chosen a different path defined by other words: warm drinks, dry bunks, upholstered seating, stereo. There are longer boats that have entered the R2AK, but so far this team seems to have the most comfortable. Really, do an image search for “Hobie 33 interior” like we just did and just feel how your body relaxes. Running water, an ice box to keep your drinks cold, we hear that the cockpit even has a built in dispenser for those little umbrellas for the crew’s drinks.

Suck on that stand up paddle board guy.

Sure it’s comfortable, but what will they do when there is no wind? Our guess? While other teams madly froth the water to make desperate miles and exhaust themselves to the point they can sleep on lumpy pile of camping gear, these guys will be calmly waiting for wind, having another canapé, and resting up their pinky finger for the next round of tea drinking.

Beyond their obvious intelligence in choosing a comfortable ride, Team Por Favor has mad experience: 2 Van Isle 360s, 3 Pacific Cups, are certified in emergency first aid, offshore survival, safety at sea, and can allegedly make a very tasty canapé in anything under Force 8 conditions. Hardcore and high class. Our prediction: they land in Ketchikan neither shaken nor stirred.