OUT – Y Triamoto

Team name: Team Y Triamoto

Team captain: Phil Wilmer

Total crew: 2 (Teammate is Dave MacCalam)

Race vessel: Multi 23 trimaran, mini ORMA 60 Van Peteghem Laurent Design

Much has been said about the R2AK. But not “Ho hum.” At least not until these guys came along. They may not have actually said it, but they had to think it, and even if only their DNA shrugged ever so slightly, it did so because their sailing CV is astounding. They have sailed in five Trans-Atlantic races, and won three of them. They have sailed “several” Trans-Pacifics (too many to count?). They have raced in Olympic trials, national championships, world championships, and any number of local regattas.

When not sailing, they fly hot air balloons. In Africa. Like the first balloon to fly over the Kalahari. They have paddled the Congo and Zambezi Rivers. They surf in their spare time, slay dragons and can leap tall buildings in a single bound but will the r2ak be their nemesis, can they row,  sail and paddle the Pacific Northwest’s signature route? We’ll let the race decide.

Welcome aboard Team Y Triamoto. If all goes well we’ll thigh five your genomes in Ketchikan.