OUT – Terry Thomas Tailored Tomfoolery Twins

Team name: Team Terry Thomas Tailored Tomfoolery Twins

Team captain: David Sunshine (Mexican wrestling handle: El Santo)

Total onboard: 2 (its a tag team match)

Race vessel:  19? beach cat

Have you ever watch Mexican wrestling? It’s a go-to activity for R2AK high-command, and holds center stage despite the fact that we don’t speak Spanish and have very little idea what is going on. The impassioned announcer rolling his barritoned r’s at rapid fire, the masks, the names, the blood and acrobatics-  it is the realist kind of undecipherable fake we have ever seen. While we know it is fake, the acrobatics and blood are real, and what captivates us is how committed the guys are to the performance.

Do you know who else is committed to the performance ? Team T^4.

If alliteration suddenly replaced wrestling as Mexico’s pastime these fellows would have a full hooded mask and a large metal belt announcing them as Campeon del Mundo …and who are we to know that they aren’t the same. They could be lunatic Luchadores landlubbers turned sailors who secretly stole away from the squared circle- trading in top turnbuckle tumbles for jibing jibs, pounding piledrivers for tillers and tacks.

We’ll leave it to them to continue the gag, but from what we know of them if their commitment to sail a beach cat to Alaska is at all akin to their commitment to sophomoric word play, these guys are going to do just fine. In addition to their team name, they’ve named their 19? catamaran “Hypergolic Harp Harmony”, and they are the only team who submitted their impressive sailing resume (that includes Hobie 18 trips up the inside passage) in a written meter that is as consistent and impressive as it is hard to read.

Welcome aboard Team T^4, we hope your allegiance to alliteration endures and that you cunning linguists never stray towards assonance.