OUT – Superfriends

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team Name: Team Super Friends

Team Captain: Chris Adams

Total crew: 3

Race vessel: San Juan 21

Sponsor: Super Friends Moving

It must be rough being from the Paris that’s in Texas, the Rome in Georgia, or any one of the numerous anonymous towns across America that share the name of a more illustrious locale. Residents probably get a lot of wrong numbers and end up offering the same explanation a lot: *sigh* “ Nope, we’re in Texas…”  In that vein, Team Super Friends is not actually the cohort of superheros, they are actually a couple of fellas on a San Juan 21 who work for a moving company- Super Friends Moving. Imagine dealing with that disappointment on a daily basis. You get a call looking for a response to the Legion of Doom’s attempts to alter the earth’s orbit so they can melt the polar ice caps and create waterfront real estate in the middle of Nevada, and all you can do is offer a discount on boxes and throw in a complimentary packing blanket. After a while that’s got to leave a mark.

Fueled by the need to prove themselves to the disappointed, coupled with the desire to do something bold for themselves, Team Super Friends have secured a vessel that Aquaman would be proud of and stepped forward as the next contender in the R2AK. Team Super Friends has been engineless sailing for decades, proved their mettle across oceans, bested the ocean in cold weather and warm, and from a quick google search it appears they also once rescued space aliens from a volcano.

Welcome aboard Team Super Friends, please only unleash the Green Lantern on the starboard side.