OUT – Serendipity

WITHDRAWN from full race

Team name: Team Serendipity

Team captain: Christine Llewellyn

Total crew: 2

Race vessel: “Biscuit Girl” (22 foot open water rowing boat)

Before Team Serendipity entered the race, when we imagined who we want to be in our 60s our short list included the words “alive”, “retired” and “tolerably good at bridge”. Then Team Serendipity applied for the R2AK and our list is now lies in the bottom of the recycling bin, a crumpled up ball of college-ruled shame. Team Serendipity is comprised of two 60+ year old organic farmers who are revisiting their lifetime of watery achievement and entering the R2AK to promote healthy, muscle powered sports for those over 60. We are a jaded bunch, but the R2AK crew is notably impressed. Not only are they 60 plus and farming, they are going to row- like the whole 750 miles, wind or no. All of it. This isn’t some naive venture from people hoping to reclaim lost opportunities from their youth, these folks have been there, done that, sheared the sheep, spun the yarn, woven and then sold the t-shirt.

In the first 60 some years of their lives they’ve rowed and sailed the inside passage, raced and designed open water rowing boats- even their boat has done the route before. Their muscles might have a bit more patina on them than some of the younger teams, but their experience and clarion call to be an example for a generation will make them a team to watch.