OUT – Seawolf

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team Name: Team SeaWolf

Team Captains :  George Corbett and Mike McCormick

Total Crew: 2

Race vessel: 17’ Windrider rave

Sponsors: Windrider (www.windrider.com),                                  Canadian Outback Adventures (www.canadianoutback.com), Sublime Industries Ltd. (www.sublimeindustries.com)

We think that Team SeaWolf’s decision to enter the race sounded a bit like this:

Guy 1: “You know, we are way too comfortable most of the time”

Guy 2: “And dry”

Guy 1: “Boats are inherently wet and uncomfortable, maybe we should do this Race to Alaska”

Guy 2: “Yes, but I wish that while we are wet and uncomfortable we could test our incredibly strong sphincter muscles. They are wasted on everyday life”

Guy 1: “I know, let’s do the race on an incredibly fast but incredibly tiny boat that rides off of the water on foils!”

Guy 1&2 (in unison): “Brilliant!”

It had to happen sooner or later- Team Seawolf is the first team to enter on a boat with foils.  Fast, fragile and finicky, in the Tortoise vs Hare wager that is inherent in all R2AK vessel choicesthe foil boat is all hare. How will they avoid the driftwood? How will they pack enough water? Will they be able to feel their legs after 12 hours perched on a kayak style seat hurtling through the water at rocketship speeds?

We have no idea, but these guys have been seemingly preparing for this experiment for their whole lives. On top of a lifetime of sailing, kite boarding, kayaking, and mountain climbing we’ve heard that these guys have been training for dealing with the extreme speed of the foiled boat with a particular exercise that can only be politely described as “Kegle-like”.

Welcome to the race, bold souls of Team SeaWolf. While we might not want to be onboard for your trip north our hats are off to your all or nothing approach.