OUT – John

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team John

Team Captain: John Strathman

Total crew: 1

Race Vessel: 19’ Easy rider kayak with outrigger and sail rig

The world is full of humble heroes, and Team John is one of ours. John isn’t one of these Peter Pan adventurers who chases each race and each prize as a way of running away from responsibility for one more season. His life isn’t defined by a series of arbitrary finish lines that serve as surrogate for a life of actual substance.

John is a real guy, with a real life. He’s started and run a business, built his own home with his own two hands, and rather following the examples of those who throw their life away in some mid-life, self-indulgent tantrum – selling it all and sailing to the South Pacific. John takes care of business, locks it down, and eeks out his time on the water one weekend at a time.

You know, like a real grown ass man.

He’s entering the race because he’s always wanted to head north to Alaska from his home in the San Juan Islands, to push himself and get to the edge of his comfort zone- not because he is gunning for the $10,000 first prize. His words: “I compare my chances to one of runners in the Boston Marathon.  I know some Kenyan is going to finish in 2 hours, while I may finish in 6.” John is entering the race because getting on the water and being a part of something epic is reward enough in itself.

Race to Alaska is a vision quest with friends to cheer you on.

Team John is a hero to us because he represents the distillate of what the race is about: to remind us, all of us, that we can aspire for personal greatness and that the very act of testing our personal limits is powerful- even if the only one likely to really notice our accomplishment is ourselves.

Thanks for the reminder John, and thanks for bringing your intrepid spirit to the Race to Alaska.