OUT – Hexagram 59

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team Name: {“Hexagram 59”} from the I Ching

Team Co-captains:  Piper Dunlap and Norton Smith

Total Crew: 2

Race vessel: Hobie 20

Port Townsend has offered forth its latest team, and like the community that birthed them they are a weird yin-yang combo of new age crystals and salt crusted seamanship. What do we mean?

Yin: “Hexagram 59” isn’t their name. In a Prince-like move their name is actually the 6 line symbol in the I Ching (see above) which symbolized “wind above/water below” but has no literal translation. We think means something about dispersion, the destruction and rebirth that comes from storms and floods, and it’s likely two versions better than Hexagram 57- “wind above, ketchup below”.  Need more yin? At least one of these guys was caught in an unauthorized drum circle at a recent Wooden Boat Festival. His reason:

“How else would the firedancers happen?” (We are not kidding on that one.)

Yang: For over 40 years these guys have been crossing oceans (Atlantic and Pacific), winning races (solo Transat for one), and doing impressive things in small boats (Sunfish trip from US Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico).  Just last weekend they were skipping along the surface, flying the chute and riding some 20 knot gusts in a 505. Their Hobie 20 has been modified with some pedal drives for a leg powered assault that can propel them 24/7.

Hex5-9ers are probably shaking their shaman sticks at us, but we think you get the point. These guys are the real deal plus have the advantage of being tuned into higher vibrations, man.

Clear eyes, full shakras, can’t lose!

FULL DISCLOSURE- the Team Captain is on the Board of the Northwest Maritime Center, the non-profit organization behind the Race to Alaska. This doesn’t change their Team’s odds for the race, but it does make us pretty pleased about the folks in charge of this place. Namaste.