OUT – Hartmann

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Hartman

Team Captain- Alan Hartman

Total crew- 1 (but by most measures it’s more like one and a half)

Vessel- 17’ TRiAK
While everyone in this race is impressive in one way or another, Team Hartman is our pick for our Apocalypse team. Zombies, nuclear holocaust, meteor shower, non-stop Justin Bieber concerts: whatever form the Apocalypse takes we would fight for the privilege to be the remoras feeding off of Alan Hartman’s scraps. You’ve been around the world under human power? Big deal. Alan Hartman walked into the Alaskan wilderness 12 years ago with not much more than an axe, a bag of beef jerky, and a general disdain of the way most people do things and made a log cabin he still lives in today. Read that last sentence again- an axe. He didn’t buy a chainsaw until this year. It might be an unfair stereotype, but Alan is about as Alaskan as we can imagine. He made his own log cabin, he has sled dogs, he’s a Bristol Bay gillnetter…

he’s Paul Bunyon boiled down into human scale.

He also has just about as much “can do” as one human can possibly possess. Oh, after reading his resume you still want an example? Fine.
Many have balked at the registration fee; $650 isn’t insignificant and more than a few have used it as an excuse not to enter. Not Alan.

This is an actual conversation we had with him:
Alan: “I really want to do the race, but I’m going to have a hard time coming up with the entry fee…would you trade pelts for it?”
R2AK: “Uh, maybe…what do you mean?” (Honestly we thought “trade pelts for it” was Alaskan for “barter”)
Alan: “Well, I run a trap line and I have some beaver pelts I could trade…”
Saying yes was a four step process

  1. Dropping the phone
  2. Picking up the phone
  3. Writing off our PETA sponsorship
  4. Saying yes as loud as we could

We have no idea what we’re going to do with the beaver pelts, but if Alan’s proposition ain’t the distilled spirit of self-reliance that is the R2AK, we don’t know what is.

Welcome to the race Alan. Please get a phone so we can call you when the Zombies arrive.

UPDATE: Team Hartman ditched the jonboat in the photo above- Here’s the boat he’s heading out on:

Looks fast, but where will he put the dead moose?