OUT – Golden Oldies

Team name: Team Golden Oldies

Team captain: Stephen Marcoe

Total Crew: 6

Race vessel: 38? Crowther super Shockwave

Team webstie: http://multihullsanonymous.com

Ancient Egyptians believed that following death your heart was weighed against a feather which held within it a hybridized quality of worthiness…something like their version of truth, justice, and the American way. If the heart was lighter than the feather then the soul was admitted to the preferred version of the afterlife. R2Ak has a similar tradition of weighing prospective teams’ resumes against our own feather of worthiness/seamanship/tenacity/knowing enough to know when to throw in the towel.  In our case we are looking for the scales to tip toward the resume because we want people to make it to Alaska rather than the afterlife.

Getting to the point, despite a team name that implies Richard Simmons is onboard, Team Golden Oldies has the heaviest resume that we have come across- we had to use a chain fall just to get it on the scale. Match the heavy resume with a fast boat modified for continuous travel and you have a serious contender, unless they take their resume along and then their boat will be way too heavy to be competitive.

How heavy is their resume?

How about a boat designer who is a kingpin in the Northwest multihull scene, a captain and a pilot who has owned 53 different multihulls in his lifetime of sailing, a mutlihull marauder from the southern part of the coast, a kayak guide who knows the inside waters so well that he teaches other how to adventure there, and oh yeah, a world record holders for transatlantic rowing- (which is a good thing, because it looks like moving their boat under oar will take some horsepower.)

Welcome to the R2AK Team Golden Oldies. Whether it’s our test or the Egyptians’, unless you spend too much time shedding weight with teammate Richard Simmons, that feather doesn’t have a chance.