OUT – Gold Rush

FULL RACE: Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Gold Rush

Team captain: Mark Dussell

Additional crew: 0

Race vessel: TriRAID 560 trimaran, 18’5” equipped for rowing

Mark confesses he has less sailing experience than some of his fellow “adrenaline junkies.”   But he emphasizes that he grew up hunting and fishing the mountains above Wenatchee and spent years in the Marine Corps, including a year as a combat engineer in the field. He planned to spend the month of May fine-tuning his sailing and survival skills in the San Juans.

Most important, he has cleared things with his wife, who says it’s OK if he gets to Ketchikan and keeps sailing north to Anchorage.   Mmmmm, not sure we would call that her “blessings.”   But who are we to argue? Welcome aboard, Mark.