OUT – Canadian Currach Crew

WITHDRAWN from full race

Team name: Canadian Currach Crew

Team Captain: Robert MacDonald

Total crew: 2

Type of boat: West Kerry Naevog

The Canadian Currach Crew are really into three things:

1) Alliteration

2) None of your business

3) Doing things the hard way

What do we mean by the hard way? This bunch thought that it wasn’t difficult enough just doing the full race, they are going to do it in a re-creation of the 6th century boat that brought St Brendan from Ireland to Canada- so long ago that the Irish were wearing kilts not out of tradition but because no one had invented pants. The original currachs were made out of leather (LEATHER!). When you are wondering if this race is going to be too hard for you or whether your gear is modern enough- remember that these folks are going to do 750 miles in what is essentially a hollowed out cow, and they might not even be wearing pants. That’s what we mean by number 3 in the list (and perhaps what we mean by number 2)