OUT – Buzzkill

FULL RACE: Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Buzzkill

Team Captains: Dillon Majoros, Luke Shepard, Zach Shepard

Race vessel: 30? “Brodarka” of their own design

When Alexander the Great reached the Persian shores his armies were outnumbered 5:1. Alex the Normal would have retreated, but you don’t get to be  “the Great” by betting the line. After landing in Persia Mr. the Great set his ships on fire. Why? Because megaphones weren’t invented yet and he wanted to let his armies know that regardless of the odds they were committed, all the way, beyond a shadow. Loud and clear boss- message received.

There are a lot of things Team Buzzkill doesn’t have: Gold medals, world records, sponsors, a savings account, a boat that is anywhere near completion at time of entry.   On the positive side of the ledger: enthusiasm, physical fitness, their 20’s (yes, technically the same thing three times) a life spent on and around the water, and a level of commitment that has Alexander posthumously nervous about his singular claim to his honorary surname. These three brothers-from-a-couple-mothers have quit jobs, broke up relationships, sold their possessions and potentially a modest amount of plasma to embark on this great adventure. Their words:

When we reach Ketchikan our boat and our foulies will be about all we have…”

Their plan once they get there? Use their collective training and experiences to “…start a design firm to facilitate the pursuit of incredible adventures on a limited budget.” The path to riches has never been so clear.

Would Walenda been able to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope if there had been a net? Or a eunic able to serve the Empress  Dowager without…um, commitment? Team Buzzkill is facing a fleet of competition that at last count has them outnumbered by 40:1- way worse than Alexander. But if commitment is the elixir of success, and Top Ramen can be the fuel for champions,  then we like their odds.

Welcome aboard Team Buzzkill- please note that “burning the boat” is at this point best suited as a metaphor.