OUT – Broderna

FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team Name: Team Broderna

Team members: Nels Strandberg, Lars Strandberg

Race vessel: F-24 (with Viking oars)

None of the recent breakthroughs in genetics have settled the debate about nature vs nurture. Are people destined to live out an echo of the heritage that came before them because they were born that way, or because of the subtle ways cultures shape potential in humans?

Since the peak of our thinking seems to be figuring out that $10,000 is enough money to get people’s attention, there are more than a few remedial classes between us and scientific methoding that question- but here’s a high-odds hypothesis:

If you’re named Nels and Lars, you’re not too many Kevin Bacons from some real deal Vikings– add to that  the Newtonian theory that apples don’t fall far from trees (which we did verify it with an actual tree) then you’ve got some seafaring in your blood, and likely some other bodily fluids (unverified). Punchline: While the most famous Nels’s and Lars’s seem to be heavy metal musicians rather than waterborne plunderers, we are not at all shocked that these two brothers have an affinity for doing bold things on the water.

The Bros from Broderna live out that Viking echo as commercial fisherman, kiteboarders, sailors, paddling kayaks and SUP. Then spend some time climbing mountains, flying planes, thinking about how to rig up Viking oars on their F-25, bursting in to songs about SPAM, and sharpening their axes.

Welcome aboard Team Broderna, please resist the urge to pillage.