OUT – Angus

WITHDRAWN from full race

Team Name: Team Angus

Team Captain: Colin Angus

Total Crew: 2

Type of boat: a boat or a variant from the quiver of www.angusrowboats.com

You know those times when you are home alone, on the couch, watching a television program about extreme sports athletes doing crazy impressive things and all of a sudden you hear yourself say “Holy S—t!” outloud to no one but yourself and a confused looking dog?  Team Angus might have been those guys you swore about. The team has established world records (yes, multiple) in everything from human-powered circumnavigations (1) to number chin-ups in 24 hours (3,175). The only reason we are glad not to be these guys is that we would be unbearable to live with.

“Dishes, you want me to do dishes? Tell you what, whoever can do more chin-ups doesn’t have to do dishes. Hey, why is all of my stuff on the lawn?”

Welcome to the race Team Angus, and welcome to more training everyone else.