MOB Mentality

FULL RACE-Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team MOB Mentality

Team Captain: Wayne Gorrie

Total crew: 3

Race vessel: F85SR (28? Farrier “Super Racer”)

Team MOB Mentality seems like it was meant for the R2AK. Fast boat? Check. Experience? Check. A brash and questionable sense of humor? We can’t check that box hard enough.

These guys are the brand of rapscallion that R2AK was built for.

In 1999 Team MOB Mentality started the VanIsle 360, a stage race that bashes it’s way around the 700 or so miles of Vancouver Island every other year since it was started. It’s possible that no other team will have spent more time thinking about the route from a racer perspective. They’ve not only seen the intricate patterns of whirlpools and tide rips that rage, calm, and reverse from their cockpit, they might be the only ones who have designed a race to transit those watery frustrations by sail.  While they started with the same premise, their two part conclusion for the VanIsle seems a bit more reasonable than the R2AK:
1) Motor through Seymour Narrows
2) Stop every night and drink beer

Team MOB Mentality have sailed on from the VanIsle, and while they’ve abandoned the nightly booze ups and the constant left turn for the austerity of a sustained push north- their revelry will be channeled; they are already planning for the moment when they pass the VanIsle fleet on day two or three of the R2AK and push on into the future.

Like many who look to compensate for their greying beards with something new, fast and nimble, they scoured the earth and ironically arrived in the Philippines where they found and acquired her: an F85SR, the only “Super racer” in existence.

Being neither shy nor tasteful, they christened her “Mail Order Bride”.

Stay Classy Team MOB Mentality, and welcome home to the R2AK.