Mike’s Kayak

FULL RACE: Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team name: Team Mike’s Kayak

Team captain: Mike Higgins

Race vessel: 17 foot Prijon Kodiak (a kayak)

Team website: www.kayaker.net

What do you do when you’ve paddled the entire coast of Baja, California, Oregon and Washington and parts of Alaska? Look for a crew to join you in the Race to Alaska and help you color in the missing link on your “Places I have paddled” map in your living room.

What do you do when no one toes the line? Sign up to do it your damn self.

In addition to collecting coastlines on the left side of the continent, Team Mike’s Kayak is the founder of the GONZO, a Bay Area paddle and voluntary hardship that pits paddlers against the task of hitting San Fran’s 15 islands in a single day. No winners, no racing, all Gonzo. Everyone who finishes is a winner; the R2AK is like the big dumb northern cousin of this intrepid event.

While his bio was slow to the website, Team Mike’s Kayak’s journey has impressed all of us here at R2AK Central and across the country. While his boat is the smallest in the fleet, Mike and his slender steed continue to make steady progress – rising both to the waves and the task where other larger boats have failed to launch, succumbed to the elements, and turned tail for more hospitable climes. In R2AK style he’s already bested a number of sailing craft simply by holding body, soul and boat together. In Gonzo style he’s doing so without trying to beat anyone but the sweep boat.

Welcome kindred spirit from the land of the Golden Gates. We think Psy celebrated you best: Opa Gonzo style.