FULL RACE to Ketchikan

Team Name: Kohara

Team Members: Matt Sornson,  Nico Colomb and Josh Lehman

Boat: undertermined (or coyly kept secret) UPDATE- vessel is a Warrior 29

Website: Koharasailing.com

Kohara apparently is the Polynesian goddess of tuna. Which makes us think that either these guys are actually interested in swimming the whole way or there is a StarKist sponsorship in the offing- our fingers are crossed that it’s #2. Team Kohara has done a lot of sailing. Big boats, small boats, 2104 Pac Cup, a few Chicago to Mackinaw races, Josh grabbed 1st place at the 5th National Open Rowing Championships(Aero) and they even won themselves a best in class at the 2013 Everglades Challenge (yes, on a boat).  They made a little video about that race here: https://vimeo.com/64361203 (Warning: this video captures all of the language of frustrated and tired sailors. A few F-bombs and  lesser ordinance of profanity are dropped…)

Assuming their vessel amounts to more than a pair of water wings and thermal bathing caps, these two will be a force to reckon with.

UPDATE- it looks like they aren’t swimming after all, and the boat they chose looks frigging fast:

Team Kohara