FULL RACE- Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team co-captains: Jeremy Lucke, Jullie Jackson, Hannah Viano

Total Crew: 3 (it could be a bad idea, but they are all captains)

Race vessel: 22? Etchell

Sponsor: Hungry Hikers

In a field full of exceptional teams, the members of Team Grin stand out as much for their skills as their complete disregard for what most people generally consider really bad ideas.

Team Grin are real deal mariners, not the mamby-pamby dilettantes of the yachting world, we’re talking bloody knuckled, hard hat and Carhart wearing mariners who toil in the Antarctic ice (Team Grin: Most people would consider that a bad idea.) They’ve spent a lifetime working on the water, research boats, sail training ships, they even used to teach engineless adventures for Outward Bound: voluntarily spending months on end with 13 people living, sleeping, and yes, pooping on a 26 foot open boat. (Builds character, but culturally accepted as a bad idea)

When they’re not working in the ice filled Southern Ocean or dishing out double servings of HTFU to boat-bound teenagers, they’re charging forth on watery adventures of their own. Top two: They’ve made an engineless run to Alaska on a skin-on-frame umiak and as far as we know, Team Grin is the only team that includes a mom so full of adventure swagger  she took her 4 year old on a month-long unsupported trip down the coast of Baja in a 15-foot dory. (Sure sounds like a bad idea…)

Team Grin has skills, experience, fearless parenting, and something that no other team has: a deadline and pending nuptials. With the kind of overconfidence we appreciate here at R2AK, not only do they need to complete the race in two weeks to make it to Antarctica on time for work, two of the three members of Team Grin have decided that the best way to get ready for their September wedding is an engineless race to Alaska, on a small boat, with another woman.                (A veritable casserole of bad ideas right there) This begs some obvious questions:

  • Is this a trial by fire or a gross miscalculation?
  • Is the other woman a counselor, Siren, or referee?
  • Is this an honest to god bid for the cash or a clever attempt to avoid a ceremony?

The only thing we are sure of is that 750 miles will provide those answers, and potentially others.

Welcome aboard Team Grin, given your track record for making choices we’re more than a little worried you think this race is a good idea.