FULL RACE: Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team Name: Free Burd

Team members: Tripp & Chris Burd

Race vessel: Arc-22

Sponsors: Sperry

With flashing white smiles and strong jaws the two strapping members of Team FreeBurd seemingly walked away from careers as male leads in animated Disney movies for two major purposes: to rise to elite status in the world of sailing and to dare the hard working folks who write these things not to make any “bird” references in their write up (and honestly we’re white-knuckled on that one, we could break at any second).

When you look at their resume as a whole it’s hard to swallow, like a big fat dog-choking resume of sailing feats and accomplishments. You can start with being the F-18 reigning national champion, Newport-Bermudas, 1,000’s of offshore miles, a captains license, even they got so bored with their list of sailing accomplishments that their original application to the race just said, “a few beach cat national champs” which was true to the letter. It strains the Internet to find a photo of Tripp not standing in front of something smiling and wearing a medal. Not bad for a couple of animated princess-saving heartthrobs; no one sails like Gaston…

Plus they are Eagle Scouts. (Nope, we’re not going to touch that one. Just going to leave that right there. Walking away, focusing on our breathing.)

Even before Sperry sprung for a 22-year-old racing cat with a fresh coat of paint, Team FreeBurd started thinking about a western migration; originally their plan was to campaign the hell out of a O’Day daysailor, but landed an Arc-22 – a 22? beach cat with a 38? mast. While it lacks any type of shelter, it has a endless supply of the adrenaline-filled moments that the Burds seem to feed on, and these Burds they cannot change.

Welcome Team FreeBurd, you’re now fully fledged members of the R2AK.