Elsie Piddock

FULL RACE: Port Townsend to Ketchikan

Team Name: Team Elsie Piddock

Team Captain: Al Hughes

Total crew: 3

Race vessel: F-25c

If resumes were firearms, Team Elsie Piddock would be packing heat, sawed-off style. R2AK racers tend to have their ample share of self-confidence, but the Team Elsie Piddock’s application to the race looked more like three guys in masks walking into the lobby and firing a few rounds of “Done that” into the air before we emptied out the till and started working on the vault’s time lock. R2AK just got jacked.

Here’s what CSI tweezed out of the ceiling:

  • Former USCG Officer
  • 2 X Annapolis Newport- Bermuda Race
  • 3 X Singlehanded Transpac
  • 3X Pacific Cup
  • 5X Hawaii to Seattle delivery
  • 6X  Van Isle 360

Hands up and quivering, we honestly didn’t know if they had fired six shots or only five. Did we feel lucky? Well did we? And no, we aren’t going to ask why they named their team after a children’s book. We’re going to count to 1000 before touching the phones, just like they told us.

Sawed off resume and their boat looks like it might be the only thing this side of Superman that could outrun a bullet.

Welcome to the R2AK Team Elsie Piddock, we can only pray you don’t get the steak knives.