Team Whitehall Border Patrol

What you do at home is your business, but let’s keep it PG out there people, this is a family show

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Whitehall- Border Patrol

Team captain: Diana Turner

Total crew: 2

Race Vessel: Whitehall Spirit 17

Most R2AK teams hedge their bets- at least a little. Rowboats figure out a sail in case there is wind, sailboats figure out how to pedal or paddle in case there isn’t. Teams look at historic weather patterns, crunch some numbers, make an educated guess about how much they’ll be able to sail, choose a boat then offer up some small sacrifice to whatever god they think will help.

“Team Whitehall – Border Patrol” operate under a logic all their own. Entered in the stage of the race that crosses the notoriously windy Strait of Juan de Fuca, they chose to ditch the sails for a solely human powered option. Sure they could sail the 40 miles of rough and open water, anyone can do that, but why effortlessly harness the massive natural energy of pressure differentials in the earth’s atmosphere when you can bash against it with your own two biceps?

“But it is a sliding seat, so we’re using our legs too”


“And our backs and shoulders”


“And there is two of us”


It’s your race, row to your heart’s content. We’ll greet you at the finish line with beer and BenGay and keep your phone number on file in case Obama calls and wants to replace all those wind towers with fields of rowers. “What? There’s a brown out in Phoenix? Don’t worry, we know some people…”

Welcome aboard Team Whitehall-Border Patrol, we hope that June 4th is flat calm just so you can say “I told you so.”