Team The Windsurfer

Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team The Windsurfer

Team captain: Mark Dix

Race vessel: a windsurfer

There are things one can count on in life: death, taxes, and the way that people who are into board sports can take an already questionable idea and make it even more so. Team The Windsurfer is the first and only windsurfer to sign up for the R2AK and returns the race to a predecessor that allegedly rocketed windsurfers across the border in the 1980’s- Port Angeles to Victoria. We’re told that at its height this border dash had upwards of 50 boards and at least once they had upwards of 50 knots of wind- made it in 90 minutes. Beat the ferry.

Team The Windsurfer (and who are we kidding, the whole team is a guy named Mark) has done a ton of big wind races, ditches the sail and paddles SUPs a fair amount, and he’s the only guy we’ve ever heard of who has been barred for life from Seattle’s Duck Dodge– particularly impressive since it’s a race with an award for audacious behavior.

Welcome aboard Team The Windsurfer- you might be the only one who is hoping for a full gale