Team St. Brendan

st-brendenIf kayaking Antarctica wasn’t impressive enough, it seems he did it without gloves.

Stage 1- Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team St Brendan

Team Captain: Jimi Wright

Race vessel: 17? Kevlar Kruger Sea Wind. Equipped with DIY modified sail rig

We’ve never met Team St Brendan but already they already made the list of people we’d snub at an office Christmas party. Why? They just made a ton more work for us going back and redacting everything we’ve ever written that claims the race is “cold”. Just thinking about being in a kayak makes us put on a sweater, but the real kicker is the last big trip this guy did: he kayaked Antarctica.

Antarctica. Ice. Penguins. More ice.

Crazy impressive, but brr. Hard to know if surviving the cold or not getting eaten by carnivorous leopard seals is more impressive, but either way. Wow.

There are a few kayaks in the race, but you’ll be able to tell Team St Brendan from the rest of the wet suit clad compatriots- regardless of the how cold the weather might get on the first day he’ll be the one bare chested, sweating.