Team Rumpus

rumpus“Let the wild Rumpus begin”- Where the Wild Things Are

STAGE 1- Port Townsend To Victoria

Team name: Team Rumpus!

Team captain:

Additional crew: 3

Race Vessel: Santa Cruz 27

The sailing world is full of maritime dynasties – Herreshoff, Melges, and while the Buchan family tops the list in the Pacific Northwest R2AK central would like to introduce you to family that has the earmarks of PNW’s next rising dynasty: the Schwenks. Their story is as Northwest as they come. They grew up on an SC-33, learned to sail on El Toros then Port Madison Prams then Lasers, raced at Western Washington University, then graduated to bigger races: VicMaui, Pacific CupCoHo HoHo, moved to Anacortes, got married, had kids that they raised on a SC-27, started a rigging business, then passed their Lasers on to their two teenage sons who now join them on races- including the first stage of the R2AK.

We can only hope that this race can be as timeless as the Schewenks, and that 20 years from now we can write about R2AK20.0 and that Kai and Dylan are rearing up the next generation of Schwenks, on the next generation of Santa Cruz sailboats and sailing those Lasers (and in 2035 they are likely equipped with actual lasers).